Words alone are not enough RobertsonKerr is the Amsterdam-based communications company that combines campaign design with corporate and media photography.

A company that can grab your audience‘s attention with compelling messages and strong imagery. Reinforcing the essentials of your brand and positioning.

A company that has run integrated lobbying, media and public mobilisation campaigns for the world‘s leading environmental groups. With initiatives from the local to the United Nations level.

A company that can help you apply campaigning techniques to enhance business success.

RobertsonKerr can:

     formulate clear, achievable goals
     design and implement focused strategies
     create ideas for messages and slogans
     devise and manage your communications workplan

But words alone are not enough. Images are the currency of influence.

So, whether part of a wider campaign or as a specific photographic assignment, we can deliver editorial and promotional images of:

     news, conferences and cultural events
     technological and industrial developments
     products and interiors.